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For more than 16 years, San Jose Decks & Patios has been in the business of building outdoor structures in San Jose and the surrounding areas. As the first-choice for homeowners looking for deck builders in San Jose, we create work you can be proud of to maximize the joy of your home. 

Building a quality deck is in our name for good reason. We understand that a home’s value substantially increases when a well-designed deck is added, serving as a one-time investment that pays dividends for many years. Your home will transform as a destination for guests to share good times, relax in the fine California weather, and gain a new peace of mind with your new outdoor living area.  


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What We Build

The staff at San Jose Decks & Patios is more than just the most acclaimed deck builders in San Jose. We specialize in creating a variety of outdoor structures, including: 

  • Wood Decks 
  • Composite Decks 
  • Pergolas 
  • Arbors 
  • Gazebos 
  • Patio Covers  
  • Pavilions 
  • Trellises 
  • And more 

Other deck building companies in San Jose may cut corners or quote low-ball offers to deceive customers, only to go over budget and spend more time on projects than initially . By contrast, San Jose Decks & Patios believes in transparency and fairness. We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and deeply understand running a business built on our deeply-held ethics. 

And for our projects and those of our competitors, we are happy to offer deck repair that revitalizes your structures to make them as gorgeous and inviting as the day they were built. 

Why add a wood deck to your home?

A home with a wood deck is part of achieving the American Dream. When done right, a wood deck enhances the enjoyment of your home and creates new value. Imagine how your outdoor spaces are cast in a new light while watching from your wooden deck, relaxing under the moonlight or enjoying breakfast in the fresh morning air? 

Whether you choose a wood-based design or opt for a long-lasting synthetic deck, building a deck is a substantial purchase that comes with a number of great benefits. The following are just a few of the new possibilities you will experience when adding a wood deck to your home: 

  • Creates an outdoor space to enjoy for years 
  • Adds square footage and available space to your home – a must for growing families  
  • Provides a raised view of your home’s natural landscapes 
  • Serves as a focal point of enjoyment and entertainment at parties 
  • Seamlessly blends with your home’s exterior for a cohesive look 
  • Ensures privacy for sunbathers 
  • Increase your home’s value and return-on-investment (ROI) 
  • Provides shade and protection from the elements beneath the structure 
  • Can be upgraded as your needs changed 
  • Unlimited customization options to match your home’s unique architecture, such as covered decks, bench seating, lighting by, etc. 

Wood deck ideas

The truth of the matter that the only limit to building a wood deck is your imagination. We work directly with you to incorporate your designs for any project. 

Because wood is such a versatile building material, customization is a breeze. Decks can be elaborate or simple, depending upon your personal preferences. 

As your hired professionals, our job is to ensure that the deck you receive is sturdy enough to stand time’s tests, seamlessly blends with your home’s exterior, and fits with how you use it.  

And for those who need inspiration, our contractors can provide examples of our completed work to provide a clearer picture of what’s possible. At San Jose Decks & Patios, we pride ourselves on bringing your dreams into reality. 

Types of wood decks we build

There are two types of wood decks that are available for our customers: wood decks and composite wood decks.  

  • Wood decks are the classic version of outdoor structures augmenting most American homes, giving your home a natural warmth that is inviting for your family and guests – not to mention that it feels great on bare feet. When using high quality material like pressure-treated pine or western cedar, wood decks can last years with minimal maintenance. 
  • Composite wood decks are very similar to regular wood decks, but are more structurally sound while avoiding splintering and warping. Because of the synthetic treatments, composite materials are naturally pest-free. And perhaps the most attractive feature, is that composite material requires far less maintenance and doesn’t gray like wood, lasting for decades to come in near pristine condition.  

If you’re still on the fence about which option is best for you, contact our wood deck builders in San Jose to learn more about the right wood deck for your home.  

Why choose San Jose Decks & Patios?

Not every wood deck contractor in San Jose understands how to build decks that withstand California’s unique climate. Our experienced deck builders in San Jose take into account the area’s annual rainfall, which materials are the best deterrent to avoid pest infestation, the strongest designs that can withstand seismic activity, and much more.  

San Jose Decks & Patios understands these unique challenges. We have the expertise to help you realize a final result that meets or exceeds your expectations. During the design phase, let your imagination run freely. Our experienced contractors will let you know what is possible within your budget and work diligently to make your dream come true.  

Construction of wooden decks

Strong, weather-treated wood is necessary for your wooden deck to stand the test of time. In order to get a high-end finished product, we only build with high-quality materials for strength and durability. These decks can readily be built to your particular specifications by our team of deck contractors in San Jose within your budget and available timeframe.  

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and start living every homeowner’s dream! 

Composite decks

You can add to the visual appeal and functionality value of your home with a high-quality deck made from eco-friendly composite materials. San Jose Decks & Patios use the highest quality of composite materials that ensures your composite deck will provide years of enjoyment and fun for the family – all without the headache of expensive and constant maintenance. Thanks to lower costs in materials, it has never been more affordable to have a long-lasting composite deck today.  

Ideas for composite decks

Composite decks are stronger than wood-built decks, so there’s plenty of versatility when it comes to what’s possible. The following are some of the personal touches we can build to give your composite deck a look and functionality that reflects your personality: 

  • Multi-level designs, with stairs and platforms to connect each floor of your home.  
  • A safe and fun play area for children 
  • Bench seating for entertaining large groups 
  • Planters and space growing plants 
  • Spas and hot tubs (portable and in-ground)  
  • Outdoor dining and kitchen areas 
  • Fire pit 
  • Wet bar 
  • Privacy walls for sunbathing 

Whether you’re looking for a customized wrap-around design or small backyard decks, your home will be beautifully transformed into a relaxing amenity. 

Deck repairs

If your home has a deck that is aging, you will eventually need deck repair to keep it in tip-top shape. Whether the deck is made out of wood or composites materials, regular maintenance is essential to ensure it looks great and is safe for years to come. 

San Jose Decks & Patios offers the best solutions for common problems that most decks will face, including:  

  • Degradation of structural support 
  • Overexposure to inclement weather 
  • Discoloration from the sun and/or age 
  • Pest Infestation 

For these reasons and more, our experienced deck repair contractors are ready to handle complete renovations or routine maintenance. Our deck repair services include: 

  • Board replacement  
  • Railing replacement  
  • Stair replacement  
  • Footing installation 
  • Draining and graining issues 
  • Screen and window repair 

Get a deck repair estimate today

There’s no better time to repair your deck than today. And we make the process easy: 

  • First, we’ll visit your home to assess the damages.  
  • Next, we will provide an estimate and give you options to choose from.  
  • Then, our deck repair contractors in San Jose will make the repairs in a reasonable timeframe to fit your schedule.  

It is our guarantee to revitalize your deck, making it safer than before and as attractive as the day it was installed.  

Patio covers

To add shade and coverage from the elements, patio covers are an excellent choice for upgrading your home. Hiring patio cover builders in San Jose that understand your needs is important, as your home should be built with the area’s sunny summers and cool, humid winters in mind. Plus, having your patio cover built in accordance with your home’s natural beautify is a must.  

Why patio covers?

Patio covers are an excellent choice for homeowners that want to enhance their preexisting patio space. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners choose San Jose Decks & Patios to build their structures: 

  • Sturdy construction 
  • Protection from the elements 
  • Protection for patio furniture 
  • Increased aesthetic value for your home 

We offer a variety of patio covers to suit your needs: 

  • Open Gable Patio Cover  
  • Shed Style Patio Cover  
  • Hip And Ridge Patio Cover  
  • Drop Ceiling Patio Cover  

By installing a patio cover, you revitalize your home with a functional structure that can transform your enjoyment overnight. Imagine enjoying al fresco meals with your family or having a space for young children to play? Or, you may want to enjoy fresh air while it delightfully drizzles. Whatever your pleasure, San Jose Decks & Patios is here to help. 


A pergola is an outdoor structure commonly constructed as a garden feature. Constructed of vertical beams that are supported by open crossbeams and intricate lattice work, pergolas form shaded areas that highlights a property’s natural features.  With year-round Californian sunshine that makes outdoor gatherings a joy, there’s no better way to spruce up your property than choosing to build a pergola.  

The most common usages of pergola are: 

  • Supplement garden entrances, especially with climbing vines and ivy 
  • Luxuriously accent a passageway and walkways along your home’s focal points, such as a guest house and swimming pool 
  • Create an elegant shaded sitting-area for entertaining your guests by your patio 

There are many pergola designs to choose from. For instance, you may want more shade that can be provided by having the cross beams closer together and using wide rafters. This creates an captivating option for morning and evening get-togethers. Or, you may want to construct your pergola from long-lasting cedar to impart warmth and rustic charm.  

Don’t have a design in mind? Not a problem. Our pergola contractors in San Jose will customize your pergola from popular design templates that best suit your home’s architecture and landscape.  


Built at the entrances to gardens and are often found along garden paths, arbors are designed to add shade and elegance. Arbors are usually built with lattice work and feature arched roofs to provide shade, adding to the look of your home’s garden, walkways, and other amenities.  

What are arbors used for?

Arbors add shade within the planted areas and serve as an entranceway to gardens. For your guests, arbors are primarily used along paths to keep people on the path and not stray off the grounds. And as an attractive accent to your property, these structures are often decorated with vines or other climbing plants – making them the perfect locations for wedding pictures, birthday parties, and other celebrations 

And because they offer shade, they are a good place to gather with your guests during sunny days. 


Homeowners in San Jose know that there’s plenty of sunshine to enjoy year-round. And while the weather may not always be cooperative, San Jose Decks & Patios can help you enjoy the sun when you decide to build a sunroom.  

Sunrooms are the perfect addition to your home, serving as an enclosed space dedicated to enjoying the warmth and benefits of UV lighting that enhances your home. We offer all-weather, multipurpose sunrooms that are customized to the needs of homeowners and their lifestyles. Choose between an attached structure or a separate build on your property. 

Our sunroom contractors take your needs in mind and seamlessly blend a design into your home’s architecture. Whether you want a fireplace to enjoy cozy evenings by a fire under the moonlight, a bar to entertain your guests during get-togethers, or a room to exercise, the possibilities are endless.  


Custom pavilions are free-standing structures built in a rectangular shape to match the available space of your backyard. Our pavilions resemble scaled-down versions of large pavilions that you’d commonly find in city parks or public events. The open-air design invites guests to enjoy your home’s natural beauty while also serving as the setting for upscale entertaining. 

The most popular types of pavilions for your home

Due to San Jose’s favorable climate, pavilion builders in San Jose typically choose two options for your pavilion: wood and vinyl. 

  • Wood has a natural feel that resembles an inviting country lodge. This bucolic ambiance will make your home the perfect location for hosting celebrations like weddings, graduations, birthday parties, family reunions, and more.  
  • Vinyl pavilions are designed to endure prolonged exposure to San Jose’s rainy seasons and the relentless sun in the summer months with minimal maintenance. Pavilions made from vinyl come in a variety of colors that are fade-resistant and provide year-round shade for guests. 

And to make these dreams a reality, you need an experienced San Jose pavilion builder. We understand how to blend your natural landscape and structures into an exquisite presentation that adds value to your property. Contact us today to learn more! 


Providing elegance and shade, gazebos are perfect for hosting backyard weddings, intimate parties, or family get-togethers. Gazebos are a common focal point in backyard design. They are built into distinctive shapes as ovals or octagons, but it is not uncommon to find gazebo builders construct rectangular shapes to match your home’s unique architecture.  

Gazebos have a solid roof with the sides partially open to allow for airflow throughout the structure. Floors are built of wood or rest on a concrete slab with mold-resistant materials to ensure a decades-long lifespan. Gazebos can be open or screened in to keep away insects – a feature that many San Jose residents add to these structures for maximum comfort.  

Depending upon your home’s setting, building a gazebo on your property can transform it into an exquisite experience for your family and visitors.  

To have an affordable and expert structure built to your unique needs than by hiring the experienced gazebo builders at San Jose Decks & Patios. 

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