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Are you looking for a composite deck builder in San Jose, California? If so, San Jose Decks & Patios is your first-choice building your next one-of-a-kind deck. Enhance your home with dream decks that are fit to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a customized wrap-around design or small backyard decks, your home will be beautifully transformed into a relaxing amenity.
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Perfect for entertaining your guests, stargazing, or just lounging, San Jose Decks & Patios has been making composite decks specifically created to meet your need since 2004.

Let’s take a look at what composite decks are made of, the many benefits you’ll receive when you choose to build a composite deck in San Jose.


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What are composite decks?

Composite decks are the perfect addition to your home. When deciding to build a composite deck in San Jose, you’ll enjoy the fresh air, family cookouts, and experiencing your backyard in new ways. Thanks to lower costs in materials, it has never been more affordable to have a long-lasting composite deck today.

Modern composite decks are constructed from wood and plastic materials combined in boards to mirror the natural look of wood. The increased strength of composite decking materials also gives homeowners peace of mind, having a structure that can stand up to the weather for years to come .

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why building a composite deck is the right choice for your home.

7 great reasons to build a composite deck for home

  • Thanks to its synthetic materials, composite decking is extraordinarily durable that doesn’t bend, crack, or warp. When compared to wood decks, a composite deck isn’t porous – making it impervious to mold damage and insect infestation.
  • Weather resistance is crucial in San Jose’s sunny summers and humid winters. That’s why choosing semi-permanent composite decking means that you won’t need to worry about expensive deck replacements every few years.
  • Composite decks are free of splinters, making them a safe choice for active families with pets and children.
  • Composite decks are low maintenance, which means that you won’t spend weekends re-staining or repainting your deck. Simply sweep off debris, use soap and water to clean it routinely, and you’ll have a beautiful deck year-round.
  • With a guaranteed lifespan of worry-free enjoyment for 30 years, building a composite deck in San Jose carries long-term value.
  • Composite decks add to your home’s value, increasing the asking price if you choose to sell your home for great ROI.
  • Composite decking is great for the environment. Considering composite decks are made of recycled materials, the impact to the repurposed materials is a win for the future.

Choose the right composite deck company in San Jose

As one of the most experienced composite deck companies in the San Jose area, San Jose Decks & Patios has made it our mission to build decks that enhance your home life. We focus on building decks that require minimal maintenance and that last in peak condition for a long time without needing deck repair.

Contact us to begin enjoying your new deck today!


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