Next Level Pavilions in San Jose!

If you enjoy entertaining guests outdoors in your home’s backyard, why not take things to the next level with a custom outdoor pavilion in the backyard?

Custom pavilions are free-standing structures built in a rectangular shape to match the available space of your backyard. The open-air design invites guests to enjoy your home’s natural beauty while also serving as the setting for upscale entertaining.
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And to make these dreams a reality, you need an experienced San Jose pavilion builder. We understand how to blend your natural landscape and structures into an exquisite presentation that adds value to your property.

Over 16 years, San Jose Decks & Patios has designed and installed pavilions for our valued customers that resemble scaled-down versions of pavilions that you’d commonly find in city parks or public events. Our team of accomplished home services professionals will guide you through the buying process, accommodate your available land, and more to ensure you find the best custom outdoor pavilion available.


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The best reasons to build a pavilion in San Jose

When you make the decision to build a pavilion in San Jose, we take your goals and your home’s unique characteristics to create a cohesive look. Here are some of the most common reasons to build a pavilion:

Added functionality to your property

Pavilions can be customized to meet your special requirements. Whether you’re looking to add outdoor furniture, night lighting, a customized bar, and an outdoor kitchen for entertaining – whatever your goals, a pavilion adds new functionality to your home.

Greater value

Not every home has a pavilion, so choosing to build a pavilion in San Jose sets it apart from other homes. This investment in your property will stay in your property as an attractive amenity, especially when it comes time to sell your property.

Shelter from the elements

Nothing spoils a great day with your guests than poor weather – an unfortunate reality for those living in San Jose. Outdoor pavilions make this problem nonexistent, where your guests can stay dry and comfortable while celebrating in your backyard.

The most popular types of pavilions for your home

Due to San Jose’s favorable climate, pavilion builders in San Jose typically choose two options for your pavilion: wood and vinyl.

Wood has a natural feel that resembles an inviting country lodge. This bucolic ambiance will make your home the perfect location for hosting celebrations like weddings, graduations, birthday parties, family reunions, and more. Depending on your choice of materials, these pavilions can be virtually maintenance-free and last for decades.

On the other hand, vinyl pavilions are designed to endure prolonged exposure to San Jose’s rainy seasons and the relentless sun in the summer months. Pavilions made from vinyl come in a variety of colors that are fade-resistant and provide year-round shade for guest. Vinyl’s other great advantage is its ease of maintenance, only requiring a quick hosing of the exterior to make dirt, grime, and mold disappear.

Choose the right pavilion contractors in San Jose

Not all pavilion builders in San Jose understand your unique needs or have the creativity to execute what’s possible for your home. When it is time to enhance the look and function of your backyard, having the most experienced and in-demand pavilion contractors in San Jose is a smart decision.

Serving the San Jose metropolitan area for over 16 years, San Jose Decks & Patios can turn your dreams into reality. Our team of expert contractors will work with you to create a custom pavilion design that seamlessly blends in with the exterior design of your home and exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves on our reputation of delivering affordable home design that wows your guests.

Contact San Jose Decks & Patios today to schedule a free estimate that starts you on the path to installing a new pavilion in your very own backyard. Not only a pavilion but we build Pergola too!


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