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San Jose has the perfect weather to enjoy year-round. And there’s no better way to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors than with custom-made gazebos and arbors for your home. Providing elegance and shade, gazebos and arbors are perfect for hosting backyard weddings, intimate parties, or family get-togethers. To have an affordable and expert structure built to your unique needs than by hiring the experienced gazebo builders at San Jose Decks & Patios.

Let’s take a look at what these structures are, how they’re used, why they can enhance your property, and how hiring the most reliable San Jose gazebo builders will make your dreams a reality.
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Understanding outdoor shade structure building types: Gazebo and arbors

Depending upon your home’s setting, building a gazebo or an arbor on your property can transform it into an exquisite experience for your family and visitors. That being said, each structure works well with your particular goals and needs – and you even may want multiple outdoor structures to compliment your property.

Understanding the difference between gazebos and arbors can be a bit confusing, so let’s shed light on how they are constructed and used as a functional structure on your property.


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Gazebos are a common focal point in backyard design. They are built into distinctive shapes as ovals or octagons, but it is not uncommon to find gazebo builders construct rectangular shapes to match your home’s unique architecture.

Gazebos have a solid roof with the sides partially open to allow for airflow throughout the structure. Floors are built of wood or rest on a concrete slab with mold-resistant materials to ensure a decades-long lifespan. Gazebos can be open or screened in to keep away insects – a feature that many San Jose residents add to these structures for maximum comfort.

What are gazebos used for?

During sunny days, gazebos provide plenty of shade and shelter from the elements. These structures are typically decorated to match your home and provide a previously-empty landscape with life and functionality. If your property overlooks the water or over a scenic hill, gazebos will turn your yard into a stunning masterpiece.

Hiring expert gazebo builders in San Jose tailors your structure to meet custom designs that complement your home’s natural architecture.


Built at the entrances to gardens and are often found along garden paths, arbors are designed to add shade and elegance. Arbors are usually built with lattice work and feature arched roofs to provide shade, adding to the look of your home’s garden, walkways, and other amenities.

What are arbors used for?

Like their name, arbors add shade within the planted areas and serve as an entranceway to gardens. Arbors are primarily used along paths to keep people on the path and not stray off the grounds. These structures are often decorated with vines or other climbing plants which makes them perfect locations for wedding pictures, birthday parties, and so forth.

And because they offer shade, they are a good place to gather with your guests.

6 reasons to build a gazebo & arbor for your home

Now that you have a sense of what these structures are, here’s what choosing a San Jose arbor builder or gazebo builder can bring to your home:

  • Increased home value and appeal
  • Provide ample shade and protection from the elements year-round.
  • Long-lasting structures bring a greater ROI, making them a great investment
  • Great for hosting family get-togethers, proms, weddings, and events
  • Enjoy the outdoors with shelter, whether you choose to install a fireplace for cooler months or use the structures as a focal point for backyard cookouts.
  • Enhance an existing patio or porch with gazebo awnings.

Our Process

San Jose Decks & Patios masterfully blends existing houses and landscaping with custom-designed gazebos and arbors to fit your needs. We provide free estimates and work with you to create functional structures that blend in with your home’s architecture and landscaping. We encourage our customers to view our completed projects for design ideas or work with our experienced gazebo builders to create your very own design. Contact San Jose Decks & Patios today to take your home to the next level! You can check out our other services like Patios Covers


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