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San Jose’s year-round weather makes entertaining outdoors or hosting a BBQ in your backyard a special treat. To add shade and coverage from the elements, patio covers are an excellent choice for upgrading your home.
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Hiring patio cover builders in San Jose that understand your needs is important, as your home should be built with the area’s sunny summers and cool, humid winters in mind. Plus, having your patio cover built in accordance with your home’s natural beautify is a must. That’s why San Jose Decks & Patios is your first-choice when it is time to find an affordable and skilled patio cover builder.

Let’s look at some of the best reasons that you should build a patio cover and the many types of patio covers available.


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Why should I build a patio cover?

Patio covers do just that: Provide ample coverage for patio spaces and walkways. On sunny days or when the weather is less cooperative, having protection over your patio ensures nothing can diminish the enjoyment of you and your guests.

By installing a patio cover, you revitalize your home with a functional structure that can transform your enjoyment overnight. Imagine enjoying al fresco meals with your family or having a space for young children to play. Or, you may want to enjoy the fresh air of the air while it delightfully drizzles. Whatever reason you choose to build a patio cover, you are adding value to your home and getting your maximum return on investment.

Patio covers are also affordable and can be completed in a matter of days. It is not difficult to add a patio cover to your home in San Jose, but a professional patio builder should be hired to get the job done right. The expert contractors at San Jose Decks & Patios ensure that each build fits with the landscaping in place and the overall design of your existing home. A professional outdoor living contractor can provide these design choices plus deliver construction that meets safety standards, standing the test of time.

Types of patio covers

Every type of patio cover offers its own advantages:

  • Open Gable Patio Cover
  • Shed Style Patio Cover
  • Hip And Ridge Patio Cover
  • Drop Ceiling Patio Cover

Open Gable Patio Cover

The open gable patio style of patio cover maximizes the amount of light in your covered patio while providing a spacious feel. Built with a vaulted ceiling in the front, this design lends itself naturally to a variety of aesthetic options including exposed rafters, tongue-in-groove planks, reclaimed wood, and so forth.

Shed Style Patio Cover

Shed-style patio covers feature a gentle slope in the single plane that makes up the ceiling of the shed-style patio cover. Homeowners chose this design when working with homes that feature a gentle slope.

Hip And Ridge Patio Cover

This style of patio cover features all slides sloping downwards, mimicking the style of most traditional homes. It also has built-in resistance to water damage and works well for standalone structures or attached patios.

Drop Ceiling Patio Cover

This design is for customers that do not want the angles of the patio cover to show. Instead, a drop-ceiling patio cover functions as a secondary ceiling, covering up the openness of other options. The drop ceiling patio cover creates a more intimate design and may be more acoustically-sound. otherwise known as a drop ceiling. Bear in mind that you can add this option to any of the aforementioned patio cover choices.

Additional Ideas For Patio Covers

By nature, patio covers lend themselves to customization. We work with you to create a cohesive patio cover, including materials that match your home’s patio, walkways, and other features. Our expert patio cover builders will provide a free estimate of materials and configuration of the space. For instance, you may want a cozy reading space with recessed lighting, room for a boisterous party, or hidden storage for pool supplies.

We encourage our customers to browse our completed projects, taking inspiration from our satisfied customers and successful designs. If you see an option that you find attractive, we can start there and design your unique addition.

Expert patio cover contractors in San Jose

Not all patio cover companies in San Jose are created equally.

If you are ready to build a covered patio space, we encourage you to do your research. You’ll find that our company has a strong reputation as a reputable, experienced patio building contractor in San Jose, and not just Patio, Pavillion too.

Choose San Jose Decks & Patios for:

  • Customer satisfaction, where we build a patio cover that puts your happiness as our priority.
  • San Jose Decks & Patios sources high-quality building supplies from reliable sources to get the job done safely and correctly.
  • Our experienced staff follows best practices to ensure that your patio covers will last you for years without extra worry.
  • Custom designs are available, so you can express your creativity and needs for your home.
  • Affordable pricing with no hidden costs. In your initial quote, the cost of inspections and permits is included.
  • Your property is enhanced by a solidly built, well-designed patio cover in your backyard. Not only will your home go up in price, but your quality of life also improves once you have a beautiful space to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Our process for building patio covers

Some of our customers know exactly what they want in a patio cover. Others may want some outside input to craft a pleasing structure that matches your home’s unique architecture and landscape. At San Jose Decks & Patios, we provide all types of solutions to provide creative designs that enhance the look of your home while driving comfort and hospitality.

Free estimates from the most in-demand patio cover contractors in San Jose are available for customers seeking structures that stand the test of time. San Jose Decks & Patios is here for you when you are ready for professional installation. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.


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